We’re on a mission to rebuild the image of our industry, one project at a time.

For every story about a budget over-run, timeline obliterated, shoddy workmanship or cheated-tradesman, we’ve got a story about a project, partner or peer that inspires us.

We’ve worked for clients and tenants who are grateful for our passion, commitment and patience.

We’ve worked with architects and designers who appreciate our attention to detail and respect our opinion.

We’re going to manifest this audacious goal in our work and in our communications.

We’re going to celebrate all the detail of our favourite projects. We’ll be transparent about the highs and lows of a challenging but rewarding business/project. We’ll promote the people whose products/services we use when our projects can afford our first choices. We’ll celebrate the people who trust us to make what they need. And we’ll explain the range of problems we need to solve while making abstract ideas concrete.

Helping other people see, appreciate, and enjoy the spark at the heart of our craft reminds us why we do what we do. Eventually, we hope our enthusiasm and values once again become the bar for entry. In the meantime, we’ll use them as a differentiator.