Ingenuity was designed to challenge established (toxic) mores in our industry. While the rigour, complexity, variables and safety requirements of putting buildings together demands hard work and focus, there’s no reason we can’t enjoy the journey. Respect the players. Take pride in the craft.

So we do.

If you read our About page, you’ll understand that we started Ingenuity when we were experienced enough to know what we like about our industry and what we felt wouldn’t work for us. This practice was purpose-built to serve our team and prospective clients in a way that let us sleep well at night.

And it does (Not just because we’re pooped).

Mario runs an artisan prosciutto cave in his basement. Matthew is a serious cyclist. Peter is a gourmet chef on the side. Neil is a racket sports enthusiast. Ernie splits his free time between the golf course and the deck of a speed boat. And Sam is an amateur a vintner.

Everyone on the team is a multifaceted, multi-dimensional character with personal passions and interests they’re invited to share.

It might shock the industry to hear it, but we just hire good people and trust them to both do the work and continuously improve how we deliver it.

Here’s the formula: Happy team = happy clients.