Ingenuity is an established Design-Build General Contractor with concentrated experience in office, industrial, and institutional construction. But we’re invited to collaborate on our favourite projects because of a reputation for integrity.

Bold claim, right? But look at it from our perspective. In an industry with commonly acknowledged reputation challenges, the way we treat people has turned out to be an asset.

Relationships bring returns. They reduce risk. They help make unknowns known, turn stakeholders into contributors, and even increase tenant engagement, empathy and retention.

But just because a thing makes sense doesn’t mean it’s easy. Our Return on Relationships model is composed of a series of practices codified in our corporate culture and project management practices, including:

Ambassador Approach

Your clients are our clients. Their needs and perspectives inform the many small decisions made in the day-to-day course of building projects. The relationships we build with your tenants help us report back to you regarding what’s working and where improvements might be made. It cuts down on unknowns and gets happy tenants doing your marketing for you.


From planning through project management, we maintain clear, accurate, and current documentation. Our projects generate regular status reports that give our clients both a 40K ft. view of progress and ground-level lists of deviations from the project roadmap that keep us all on the same page, all the time.

Reputation and Relationships

A major factor in our ability to estimate cost and timeline accurately is the trust we’ve engendered with trade and industry partners. The rationale for selecting each sub-trade and supplier is communicated to all bidders. They quote us fairly, show up on time, and bring morale and care-for-craft to projects instead of engaging in unfortunately established practices like cutting corners and inflating costs.

Constructor Team Member

Builders look at development challenges from different perspectives. The more of your projects we work on, the better equipped we are to train that perspective on your long-term goals.

Integrated Project Team

Accountability is a team sport. Each of our projects benefits from an experienced team comprised of a PM, Coordinator, and Site Super who report to an Ingenuity executive. Smart, experienced on the ground team member pods equip us to make decisions where the action happens–on site. And having one of the executive team in the loop helps us both stay accountable and to put all of our experience to work for each project.

Open Book Client Relationships

Vision, intelligence, and trust are a powerful combination. To foster the latter, we’re geared to be most open in the most sensitive area; finance.

  • Our clients are aware of all project costs, including administration and profit management.
  • Our transparent pricing approach promotes clear, effective, and open communication with clients and project partners.
  • Competitive bids from sub-trades and suppliers are openly communicated to the client.
  • At times, the lowest price bidder is not selected, but a rationale for selecting each bid is provided to the client and to the bidders.

Our incentive is return on relationships, happy clients, and more projects.